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this blog is about greenday...and me kinda...but mostly greenday. they r the best BAND IN THE ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD AND I WISH I KNEW THEM AND I wish about a lot of shit...haha. i have been a greenday fan for a really really long time. so im not like all of those POSERS who think they kno everything about greenday after american idiot came their #1 fan..i love greenday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

???????? .......blah

You scored as Nice. Your nice. Please rate my quiz!















what kind of person are you? (shy,outgoing,fun,mean,immature,dramatic or nice?)
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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Wat group i belong to.........

You scored as Emo Kid. You listen to emo. 'Nuff said. You know how to dress. You usually feel as if nobody understands you.

Emo Kid




















What Highschool Clique Do You Belong To?
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TV prettyful socks :p

music rocks.....

green day.....WHOO!

VMA'S 2005!!! (i think)





Sunday, February 05, 2006


the link above has A SHIT LOAD of music green day..ha

Personality Quiz

the lik above has information about "my personality type". u probably could care less about wat kind of personality type i have...but if ur reading this u must have cared a little HAHA!!!


this link goes to a site that has some police reports or watever about stuff they did that i guesss was not good or illegal.......(stupid ass police) I LOVE GREEN DAY WHOO!!!!! :)

Lyrics to all of the songs on the CD Nimrod because this CD was my most favorit one (but of course i love all of the gd cds) but i REALLY liked Nimrod


Nice Guys Finish Last

Nice guys finish last. You're running out of gas. Your sympathy will get you left behind. Sometimes you're at your best, when you look the worst. Do you feel washed up, like piss going down the drain

Pressure cooker pick my brain and tell me I'm insane. I'm so fucking happy I could cry. Every joke can have its truth and now the joke's on you. I never knew you were such a funny guy.

Oh nice guys finish last, when you are the outcast. Don't pat yourself on the back, you might break your spine.

Living on command. You're shaking lots of hands. Kissing up and bleeding all your trust, taking what you need. Bit the hand that feeds. You kill your memory

Hitchin' A Ride

Hey mister, where you headed? Are you in a hurry? I need a lift to happy hour. Say oh no. Do you brake for distilled spirits? I need a break as well. The well that inebriates the guilt. 1, 2. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Cold turkey's getting stale, tonight I'm eating crow. Fermented salmonella poison oak no

There's a drought at the fountain of youth, and now I'm dehydrating. My tongue is swelling up, as say 1, 2. 1, 2, 3, 4. Troubled times, you know i can not lie. I'm off the wagon and I'm hitchin' a ride.

There's a drought at the fountain of youth, and now I'm dehydrating. My tongue is swelling up, I say Shit!

The Grouch

I was a young boy that had big plans. Now I'm just another shitty old man. I don't have fun and I hate everything. The world owes me, so fuck you.

Glory days don't mean shit to me. I drank a six pack of apathy. Life's a bitch and so am I. The world owes me, so fuck you.

Wasted youth and a fustful of ideals. I had a young and optimisitic point of view. Wasted youth and a fustful of ideals. I had a young and optimisitic point of view.

I've decomposed, yet my gut's getting fat. Oh my god I'm turning out like my dad. I'm just a grouch sitting on the couch. The world owes me, so fuck you.

The wife's a nag and the kid's fucking up. I don't have sex `cause i can't get it up. I'm always rude. I've got a bad attitude. The world owes, so fuck you.


We're living in repetition. Content in the same old shtick again. Now the routine's turning to contention, Like a production line going over and over and over, roller coaster.

Now I cannot speak, I lost my voice. I'm speechless and redundant. 'Cause I love you's not enough. I'm lost for words.

Choreographed and lack of passion. Prototypes of what we were. Went full circle 'til I'm nauseous. Taken for granted now. Now I waste it, faked it, ate it, now i hate it.

Now I cannot speak, I lost my voice. I'm speechless and redundant, 'cause I love you's not enough. I'm lost for words, now I cannot speak.


I've got some scattered pictures lying on my bedroom floor. Reminds me of the times we shared. Makes me wish that you were here. Now it seems I've forgotten my purpose in this life. All the songs have been erased. Guess I've learned from my mistakes.

Open the past and present. Now and we are there. Story to tell and I am listening. Open the past and present. And the future too. It's all I've got and I'm giving it up to you.

Loose ends tied in knots. Leaving a lump down in my throat. Gagging on a souvenir. Lodged to fill another year. Drag it on and on until my skin is ripped to shreds. Leaving myself wide open. Living out a sacrifice.

If you got no one and I've got no place to go, would it be alright?

Could it be alright?

All The Time

All the time, every time I need it. What's the time? I'd say the time is right. Here's to me. Let's find another reason. Down the hatch and a bad attitude. Salud.

Wasting time Wasting time down a bum fuck road. And I don't know where the hell it'll go. Heirlooms and huffing fumes, and I'm picking up the pace and I'm gonna smash straight into a wall.

All the time. A "New Year's Resolution" How soon that we forget. Doing time. Loving every minute. Live it up on another let down. Salud.

Promises, promises, it was all set in stone, cross my heart and hope to die. Sugar fix, dirty tricks and a trick question. Guess i should have read between the lines. Having the time of my life, watching the clock tick.

All the time, where did all the time go? It's too late to say goodnight. Time flies when you're having fun. Time's up when you work like a dog. Salud.

Worry Rock

Another sentimental argument and bitter love. Fucked without a kiss again and dragged it through the mud. Yelling at brick walls and punching windows made of stone. The worry rock has turned to dust and fallen on our pride.

A knocked down dragged out fight. Fat lips and open wounds. Another wasted night and no one will take the fall.

Where do we go from here? And what did you do with the directions? Promise me no dead end streets And I'll guarantee we'll have the road.

Platypus (I Hate You)

Your rise and fall Back up against the wall What goes around is coming back and haunting you It's time to quit Cause you ain't worth the shit Under my shoes or the piss on the ground

No one loves you and you know it Don't pretend that you enjoy it or you don't care Cause now I wouldn't lie or tell you all the things you want to hear. I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU

I heard your sick Sucked on that cancer stick A throbbing tumor and a radiation high Shit out of luck And now your time is up It brings me pleasure just to know your going to die

Dickhead, Fuckface, cock smoking, mother fucking, asshole, dirty twat, waste of semen, I hope you die HEY

Red eye, code blue I'd like to strangle you And watch your eyes bulge right out of your skull When you go down Head first into the ground I'll stand above you just to piss on your grave


I woke up on the wrong side of the floor. Made, made my way through the front door. Broke my engagement with myself. Perfect picture of bad health, another notch scratched on my belt. The future just ain't what it used to be.

I got a new start on a dead end road. Peaked, peaked out on reaching new lows. Owe, I paid off all my debts to myself. Perfect picture of bad health, another notch scratched on my belt. The future's in my living room.

Uptight, I'm a nag with a gun. All night, suicide's last call. I've been uptight all night. I'm a son of a gun. Uptight I'm a nag with a gun.


I fucked up again it's all my fault. So turn me around and face the wall. Read me my rights and tell me I'm wrong. Until it gets into my thick skull.

A slap on the wrist. A stab in the back. Torture me, I've been a bad boy. Nail me to the cross until you have won. I lost before I did any wrong.

I'm hexed with regrets and bad luck. Keep you distance 'cause it's rubbing off. Or you will be damned to spend your life in hell. Or earth with me tangled at your feet. You finally met you nemesis disguised as your fatal long lost love.

So kiss it good bye Until death do we part. You fell for a jinx for crying out loud.


Haushinka is a girl with a peculiar name. I met her on the eve of my birthday. Did she know, did she know, before she went away, does she know? But it's too damn late

This girl has gone far away. Now she's gone.

All I have now is a memory to date. A cheap hat and cigarettes, and a peculiar name. I didn't know, I didn't know, before she went away. I know now, I know now, and it's too damn late.

Will she ever find her way? I'm too damn young to be too late, but am I? Yet again I'm kicking myself, and I'll be here in battle scars, waiting for you. Waiting for you now.

Walking Alone

Come together like a foot in a shoe Only this time I think I stuck my foot in my mouth. Thinking out loud and acting in vain. Knocking over anyone that stands in my way.

Sometimes I need to apologize. Sometimes I need to admit that I ain't right. Sometimes I should just keep my mouth shut, or only say hello. Sometimes I still feel I'm walking alone.

Walk on eggshells on my old stomping ground, yet there's really no one left, that's hanging around. Isn't that another familiar face? Too drunk to figure out they're fading away.


Who the hell are you to tell me what I am And what's my master plan. What makes you think that it includes you? Self-righteous wealth Stop flattering yourself, 'cause when the smoke clears here I am. Your reject all-American.

Sucking up you social sect, making you a nervous wreck. To hell and back and hell again I've gone. You're not my type. Not my type.

What's the difference between you and me? I do what I want, and you do what you're told. So
listen up and shut the hell up. It ain't no big deal. And I'll see you in hell, 'cause when the smoke clears here I am, your reject all-American.

Falling from grace, right on my fave. To hell and back and hell again I've gone.

Take Bake

You pushed me once too far again I'd like to break you fucking teeth. Stick a knife in the center of your back. You better grow some eyes in the back of your head. I fight dirty, just like your looks. Can't take, can't take, can't take anymore.

Take back, Take back, Take.

The taste of bad blood on the tip of my tongue. An eye for an eye. Gun for a gun.

Cold-cocked and I'm taking back what's mine. Expect it when you're least expecting it. No loss of love, the smell of regret. Lights out Can't take anymore


King For A Day

Started at the age of 4. My mother went to the grocery store. Went sneaking throught her bedroom door to find something in a size 4.

Sugar and spice and everything nice wasn't made for only girls. GI Joe in panty hose is making room for the one and only.

King for a day, princess by dawn. King for a day in a leather thong. King for a day, princess by dawn. Just wait 'til all the guys get a load of me.

My daddy threw me in therapy. He thinks I'm not a real man. Who put the drag in the drag queen. Don't knock it until you tried it

Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road. Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to do. So make the best of this test, and don't ask why. It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right. I hope you had the time of your life.

So take the photographs, and still frames in your mind. Hang it on a shelf of good health and good time. Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial. For what it's worth, it was worth all the while. I hope you had the time of your life.

I hope you had the time of your life.

Prosthetic Head

I see you, down in the front line. Such a sight for sore eyes, you're a suicide makeover. Plastic eyes, lookin' through a numbskull. Self-effaced, what's his face. You erased yourself so shut up. You don't let up.

You have a growth that must be treated Like a severed severe pain in the neck. You can smell it but you can't see it. No explanation identified 'cause you don't know. You don't say.

And you got no reply. Hey you, where did you come from? Got a head full of lead, you're a inbred bastard son. All dressed up, red blooded, Amannequin Do or die, no reply, don't deny that you're synthetic. You're pathetic.

Greenday Albums

this link shows all of the songs on all of their albums

Saturday, February 04, 2006

a quiz about how well i would party with greenday ....even though we ALREADY no the answer to that (i would rock!!!!!!!!! ........bitches)

Take the quiz:"> size = "+2">How Well Will You Party With Green Day?

You Will Get Drunk and Smoke Dope!
You are a rebel! You are the walking contradiction of society...just like Green Day! You guys will have a fun night filled with alcohol and pot!

by -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!


this link has greenday music videos.....american idiot, holiday, boulivard of broken dreams, wake me up when september ends, jesus of suburbia, and bullet in a bible stuff.

A SHIT LOAD OF INFO. ABOUT GREENDAY (the best band of all-time)

Lookouts: the beginning (1988-1992)

At the age of 12, Tre Cool became a member of the band The Lookouts. Their album attracted some attention, and Tré began performing at an early age at the Berkeley, California punk rock all-ages venue 924 Gilman Street.
In 1987, Billie Joe Armstrong (aged 15) and Mike Dirnt (also aged 15) formed Sweet Children, with Armstrong on lead vocals and guitar, Dirnt on bass and backing vocals, and John Kiffmeyer (a.k.a. Al Sobrante) on drums. Their first show was on October 17, 1988, at Rod's Hickory Pit in Vallejo, California where Armstrong's mother was working.
Livermore, who also ran the Berkeley independent label Lookout! Records, immediately offered them a deal, and in early 1989 they recorded their first EP, 1,000 Hours. A few weeks before the EP release, the band decided to change their name to Green Day, a slang term for a day spent smoking marijuana. The band had been smokers since puberty and Armstrong got his nickname, "Two Dollar Bill," from selling joints at that price ($2) at his high school. The song "Green Day", written by Armstrong, is about his first experience using marijuana.
One year later, in April 1990, Green Day released their first album 39/Smooth, and that summer they set out in a van on their first national tour. Before leaving, they recorded another four-song EP called Slappy. This release was followed by another four-song EP, Sweet Children, including some of their old songs for the local label Skene Records. In 1991, 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours was released, which re-issued 39/Smooth with all the tracks from Slappy and 1,000 Hours.
After this tour, at the end of the summer of 1990, Al Sobrante left the band temporarily to attend college in Arcata, California. By this time the Lookouts had become mostly inactive, and Tré Cool, now 17 and living in Berkeley, began playing with Green Day as a temporary replacement. The combination worked out so well that he soon became Green Day's permanent drummer.
In 1991, the band toured and played locally, building up a large fan following. In January 1992 they wrote and recorded their second album, Kerplunk!, which they released on Lookout Records. The CD version also included the four tracks from the Sweet Children EP. They continued to tour through 1992 and 1993, expanding their tour to the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, and Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic).
The UK leg of the tour featured a notable appearance at The Rainbow, a Wigan social club. That gig would have been a standard stop on an independent punk band's minor UK tour, were it not for one small fact: the band decided to use their set to stage their own version of the Nativity, featuring Armstrong as all three schizophrenic Three Wise Punks, Dirnt as Santa Claus and a bad-taste version of the Virgin Birth featuring Cool as Mary, a roadie as Jesus and a bag of rice pudding and tomato ketchup as the Holy Placenta. This theatrical trait would become common practice for the band ten years later, only on a much larger scale.

Mainstream success with Dookie (1993-1995)
By 1993, Green Day had sold about 55,000 copies of Kerplunk!, which was considered a large amount for the independent punk scene in those days, and attracted a great deal of attention from the major labels. Eventually they left Lookout on friendly terms and signed a deal with Reprise Records. They spent the greater part of the year recording their major label debut, Dookie, which was a near-instant sensation, helped by extensive MTV airplay for the videos "Longview", "When I Come Around", and "Basket Case".
In 1994, Green Day embarked on a nationwide tour and chose queercore band Pansy Division as their opening act. At the time this choice was regarded as quite controversial; nonetheless, the tour was a huge success. The band also joined the lineups of both the Lollapalooza Festival and Woodstock 1994. Green Day's Woodstock gig included a gigantic mud fight between the band and the audience, leading to a mêlée in which Dirnt lost his front teeth.
In 1995 they recorded a single called "J.A.R." for the Angus movie soundtrack, and followed it up with the album Insomniac in the fall of 1995. It was a darker response to the poppy simplicity of Dookie. One track, "86," was a reference to the Gilman Street club refusing them entry after the release of Dookie, claiming that they had "gone too commercial." Though the album didn't approach the success of Dookie, it still sold two million copies in the United States. After that, the band abruptly cancelled a European tour, claiming exhaustion.

Nimrod (1996-1998)
Following Insomniac, Green Day was back in the studio by 1996, at work on a new album. The result was Nimrod, an experimental deviation from the band's classic pop-punk brand of music. This new album, released to mainly positive reviews and mixed fan response in October 1997, combined everything from peppy ska ("King for a Day") to heavy-metal ("Take Back") to surf instrumentals ("Last Ride In") to acoustic ballads, e.g. "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)", which is one of the group’s biggest hits to date. The song was the official theme for the 1998 PGA Golf Tour, as well as being featured in the final episode of Seinfeld. It was also the top wedding song for that year, ironically, seeing as how the song was written as a bitter kiss-off to the other party after a nasty breakup.

Green Day on the cover of the December 2000 issue of the Guitar World magazine.
Despite a brief surge in popularity thanks to "Good Riddance", their fourth #1 single, the band decided to take a two-year break after completing their Nimrod tour.

Warning: - The commercial slump (2000-2002)
In 2000, they released Warning:, a step further in the style that they had hinted at with Nimrod. Warning: was a pure pop album peppered with punk ideals, more inspired by The Kinks than by The Buzzcocks, and many fans were surprised and not pleased. Concurrently, critics' reviews of the album were mixed, many of them deeming the album simply mediocre. Though it produced the #1 hit "Minority" and a smaller hit with "Warning", nearly everyone was coming to the conclusion that the band was losing relevance, and the decline in popularity was undeniable. While all of Green Day's past albums had reached a status of at least double platinum, Warning: was only certified gold. The band's future seemed to be in question by everyone, including its own members.
The release of a greatest-hits compilation, International Superhits!, and the token complementary assemblage of B-sides, Shenanigans, only fueled the theory that Green Day's career was on the rocks. A 2002 co-headlining tour with blink-182 helped to resurrect some of the band's fame, and earned the group many positive concert reviews stating that they outshined blink-182 by far, but many still feared that the end of Green Day was on the horizon. The band decided to take some time off after the Pop Disaster Tour closed, to spend time with their families and, ultimately, to decide whether maintaining the band was in anybody’s best interest anymore.

American Idiot - the commercial boom (2004-2005)

The February 2005 cover of "Rolling Stone" magazine featuring Green Day. © Rolling Stone/Time Warner.
Fighting burnout after Warning:, the band went into the studio to write and record new material for an album, believed to be titled "Cigarettes and Valentines". After completing 20 tracks — an impressive album likening to Nimrod and Warning, according to those few who heard it — the master tapes were stolen from the studio. The band, understandably upset, chose not to try to re-create the stolen album (Armstrong feared that it would take their fan base "back to about 50"), but instead started over with a vow to be even better than before. In addition, they underwent serious "band therapy," engaging in several long talks to work out the members' differences after accusations from Dirnt and Cool that Armstrong was "the band's Nazi"[1] and a show-off bent on taking the limelight from the other band members. After a restoration of band democracy, the creative floodgates opened as well, with each member trying different things every day in the studio — most notably the creation of two 9-minute tracks for the forthcoming Green Day record. The resulting 2004 album, American Idiot, debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts, the band's first ever album to reach #1, backed by the success of the album's first single, "American Idiot." The album was billed as a "punk rock opera", or more accurately a concept album, which follows the journey of the fictitious "Jesus of Suburbia." Over the course of the album, "Jesus" becomes addicted to drugs; falls in love with a girl known as "Whatsername"; meets a crazy, drug-doing risk taker named "St. Jimmy"; and ultimately learns more about himself and grows as a person. In the second-to-last song on the album ("Homecoming"), when St. Jimmy commits suicide, the lyrics imply that Jimmy may have been a Tyler Durden-like figment of Jesus's imagination (lyrics: "Jimmy died today/ He blew his brains out into the bay/ In the state of mind, it's my own private suicide"). The album could also be described as an anti-war allegory, as it features songs blasting George W. Bush and the invasion of Iraq. However, the song "Wake Me Up When September Ends" veers from the main theme of the opera, instead being a personal song by Armstrong about his father, who died when he was 10.
Another noticeable difference was the members of the band having discarded their trademark instruments. Billie Joe Armstrong changed his guitar from the replicas of the Fender Stratocaster he had been playing since the age of 10 to a Gibson Les Paul Junior. Armstrong does however continue to use his Strat copy at some point in every live show. Mike Dirnt used his Gibson G-3 bass guitar for several of their albums leading up to Nimrod, but now plays a custom Fender Precision Bass. Exact duplicates of his guitar are made by Fender, and they are called the Mike Dirnt Precision Bass. Tré Cool also severed his longtime association with Slingerland, which he had been using since Nimrod years, and started using Ludwig-Musser drums.
American Idiot also marked a major change of image. While in the past they had dyed their hair in different colors (ranging from red to green to pink and back again) and appeared in mostly variegated clothes, here they started wearing fitted black shirts with skinny neckties and also dyed their hair in more plain colours like platinum and black. Cool and Armstrong started wearing eye liner.
American Idiot won a Grammy in 2005 for "Best Rock Album" and was nominated for 5 other Grammy awards. The song "American Idiot" was featured in the video game Madden NFL 2005 and "Holiday" in the game Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. Through 2005, the band toured, promoting the album with many dates. This tour continued the theatrics of the shows from the Warning: and Shenanigans tours by featuring a horn section dressed as a pink rabbit and a bumblebee, Armstrong donning a crown and silk cape for the song "King For A Day," and drawn-out performances of certain songs like "Hitchin' a Ride" and "Minority", where Armstrong used the instrumental sections to make popcorn with the crowd, a staple of Green Day's blue live performances. They also performed covers of the songs "We Are the Champions" by Queen, "Shout" by The Isley Brothers (by way of the Otis Day & the Knights version from Animal House), "Outsider" by The Ramones, and "Stand by Me" by Ben E. King. The high point of the show had Armstrong choosing 3 fans from the crowd to come onstage and perform a cover of the Operation Ivy song "Knowledge" using the band's own instruments. At the end of the song, the person who played in Armstrong's place got to keep his guitar (either a replica of Armstrong's childhood guitar "Blue," or, in several concerts including the San Fransisco show at SBC Park, a custom black "American Idiot" decorated Gibson Les Paul), and the person who played Dirnt's bass got to stage dive off the runway.
On August 1, 2005, it was announced that Green Day had rescinded the master rights to their pre-Dookie material from Lookout! Records, citing breach of contract regarding unpaid royalties that had been ongoing for some time. As of October 2005, it is unknown whether a label affiliated with the band (Reprise, Armstrong's own Adeline), a reissue specialist like Rhino, or another label entirely will reissue the Lookout!-era material. As a result of Green Day reclaiming the masters from Lookout! Records, the independent label laid off two thirds of its nine-person staff and delayed its new release plans for the rest of 2005.
While touring for American Idiot, they filmed and recorded the two concerts at the Milton Keynes National Bowl in England. These recordings were released as a live CD & DVD called Bullet in a Bible on November 15, 2005. The final shows of their 2005 world tour were in Sydney, Australia and Melbourne, Australia on December 14 and 17 respectively. On January 10th, 2006 the band was awarded with a People's Choice Award for favorite group

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How im gonna die (whoo!!!)

You scored as Accident. You will probably die from a accident, like a car crash, a failed stunt or you missed the net when trapezing. Oh, that's a failed stunt. Anyway, be more careful your life is on the stake. (Sorry there isn't a picture, I didn't have the guts to search 'accident' on Google Image Serach.)



















Cut Throat




Natural Causes




How Will You Die??
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Saturday, January 28, 2006

what band i am

You scored as Green Day. u love to rock out loud!

Green Day


my chemical romance


all american rejects


wat fucking band r u??
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am i a wuss???

You scored as No. You are not a wuss. You rock.





Are you a wuss?
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how weird i am..

You scored as FUCK YES!!!!!!. YA!!!!!!!! WAH-HOO!!!! JOIN THE PARTY MAN!!! ok i'll stop now ..... u should IM aim name is crazygirl12123 and my yahoo name is sstrand12001 or e-mail me at hope 2 talk 2 u soon weirdo.

FUCK YES!!!!!!




are you wierd????
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wat freak name i am

You scored as Rebal Devil.

Rebal Devil


Night Crawler




Death Craver


Feak N Geek


What Is Your Freak Name?
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what type of guys i like

You scored as Emo boy. You love the emo. You like tight pants, and hair over the eye. You like to meet new emo boys through myspace.

Emo boy


Skater boy


Acoustic boy


Grunge guy




Foreign kids


What kind of guy is the right for you?
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a test about how depressed i am...

You scored as So-So. Congradulations! You're depressed. Although you're not depressed at a dangerous level, you REALLY gotta lighten up. Consider seing a psychologist or something...





Self-Induced depression


A little depressed


Very Depressed


HowHOWhow depressed are YoU?
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Who I Am....

You scored as Skater. Your A Skater!





Rocker, Mosher






Chav, Townie, Rude Boy, Ned, Kev




What Group Are You? Chav, Rocker, Skater, Emo, Goth, Trendy, Prepy E.c.t
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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Family Guy (kool-Aid man)

its really funny, it evn has that KOOL-AID GUY!!!!! now u have to watch it, ha.

The Niggar Family

its really funny, its a clip from the dave chapple show. its really funny ( and i dont say that about a lot of things...hahaha not) but it.... you'll laugh.

Voting Machine

its really really funny... i swear to god!!! it made me laugh real hard lmfao. some guy is trying to vote for john kerry but the machine wont let him... you've got to see for yourslef, its.....funny. ha

spongebong hemp pants #2 (a parody of spongbob square pants)

this is anouther episode of spongbong hemp pants... i think its funnier than the first 1, but thats just my opinion. :)

SpongeBong Hemp Pants (a funny-ass parody of spongbob square pants)

spongbong hemp pants is really funny. it makes fun of the childrens show, spongebob square pants. Holy shit its fucking hilarious!!!! :)

Poams.....Good Ones 2!!!

I often contradict myself.
Oh no, I never do.
I argue with me day and night.
That simply isnt true.
Oh yes it is. Oh no it's not.
I do this all day long.
Oh no I don't. Oh yes I do.
That's right. No way! It's wrong.
I'm really quite agreeable.
I argue night and day.
I love to be around myself.
I wish I'd go away.
So if you see me arguing,
it's certain that you won't.
I like to contradict myself.
I promise you I don't.

My book report is due today.
I haven't finished yet.
In fact, I haven't started,
which I'm coming to regret.
I haven't even read the book.
I put it off so long.
I thought I'd have a lot of time.
It looks like I was wrong.
I'd ask my older brother
what this book is all about,
but he's already left for school
and cannot help me out.
I'd hustle to the movie store
and rent the DVD,
but I don't even have the time
to watch it on TV.
I guess I'll have to fake it
and pretend I read the book.
Then write a bunch of nonsense
and assorted gobbledygook.
It's either that, or do the thing
my conscience knows is right:
I'll claim I'm sick and stay at home
and finish it tonight.

There's something I need to remember.
But somehow it seems I forgot.
I'll sit here until I recall it.
I won't move an inch from this spot.
Is sleeping the thing I've forgotten?
Did I not remember to eat?
Did I take a shower this morning?
Is all of my homework complete?
Should I be at home or at school?
Or watching a show on TV?
Are some of my friends coming over?
Is anyone waiting for me?
And why am I sitting here thinking,
not moving an inch from this spot?
I'm sure that there must be a reason,
but somehow it seems I forgot.

It's Friday the 13th tomorrow.
A black cat just leapt in my path.
I'm not superstitious, but this might
explain why I'm failing in math.
By chance I walked under a ladder
a teacher had placed by the wall.
In class my umbrella popped open,
and that's why I tripped in the hall.
The salt spilled this morning at breakfast.
While walking I stepped on a crack.
I took off my shoes on the table.
It looks like my future is black.
This evening I busted a mirror
which means that the next seven years
are due to be filled with misfortune,
catastrophes, mishaps and tears.
With all the bad luck I'm confronting,
it seems that I'm probably cursed.
It may be the 13th tomorrow.
But Thursday the 12th is the worst.

Mister Horrible Head and Miss Ugliness Faceare the ugliest couple alive.Yes indeed they're so ugly that people run screamingwhenever they see them arrive.You might say they're misshapen, repulsive and vile,or cadaverous, gruesome and gross.Maybe hideous, grisly, repellent and shocking,disgusting, unpleasant, morose.You can call them unsightly, or horrid or scary,or monstrous or frightful or bad.You can call them whatever you like, but to methey will always be called "Mom and Dad."

I started on my homework
but my pen ran out of ink.
My hamster ate my homework.
My computer's on the blink.
I accidentally dropped it
in the soup my mom was cooking.
My brother flushed it down the toilet
when I wasn't looking.
My mother ran my homework
through the washer and the dryer.
An airplane crashed into our house.
My homework caught on fire.
Tornadoes blew my notes away.
Volcanoes struck our town.
My homework was absconded
by an evil killer clown.
Some aliens abducted me.
I had a shark attack.
A pirate swiped my homework
and refused to give it back.
It took so long to make these up
I realized, with dread,
it would have just been easier
to do the work instead.

A candy bar.
A piece of cake.
A lollipop.
A chocolate shake.
A jelly donut.
Chocolate chips.
Some gummy worms
and licorice whips.
A candy cane.
A lemon drop.
Some bubblegum
and soda pop.
Vanilla wafers.
Orange punch.
My mom slept in
while I made lunch.

Today I managed somethingthat I've never done before.I turned in this week's spelling quizand got a perfect score.Although my score was perfectit appears I'm not too bright.I got a perfect zero;not a single answer right.

I have to write a poem
but I really don't know how.
So maybe I'll just make a rhyme
with something dumb, like "cow."
Okay, I'll write about a cow,
but that's so commonplace.
I think I'll have to make her be...
a cow from outer space!
My cow will need a helmet
and a space suit and a ship.
Of course, she'll keep a blaster
in the holster on her hip.
She'll hurtle through the galaxy
on meteoric flights
to battle monkey aliens
in huge karate fights.
She'll duel with laser sabers
while avoiding lava spray
to vanquish evil emperors
and always save the day.
I hope the teacher likes my tale,
"Amazing Astro Cow."
Yes, that's the poem I will write
as soon as I learn how.

--Kenn Nesbitt

Random Facts (about billie joe armstrong)

Random Facts

-Billie Joe went to Hillcrest Elementry school in Pinole, California
(Rodeo is such a small city they don't have their own school system)
-He never graduated from High School
-He has a cat named Basil
-Billie has never smashed a guitar on stage
-In 3rd grade, these two girls used forced Billie to go out with one of them or they would beat him up
-Billie uses Jermac Styling Spritz to get his hair good and crunchy
-If Billie Joe could play any movie role in history, it would be Austin Powers
-He is, contrary to popular belief, not a vegetarian. He was one in the early ninties, but since he lost a lot of weight and felt weird, he went gave up on it
-He takes a shot of vodka before every gig
-To raise spending money for tours, BJ flipped pizzas
-John never told Billie that he was leaving the band, instead he heard it from a friend. In return, Billie never told John directly that he was being replaced
-The album Insomniac is called with that name because Billie Joe didn't sleep at night. Joey cried all night, so Billie would write a lot of songs
-One reason there was such a long break between Nimrod and Warning was because Billie Joe was at a rocky point in his marriage and needed to spend time at home
-Billie Joe used to have a nose ring, but he took it out because it kept getting caught on his guitar and shirt.
-He sometimes suffers from panick attacks and aniexty
-Billie's cat Zero, died in the washing machine
-Billie Joe's nickname in high school was "Two Dollar Bill" because he sold joints for two dollars
-Billie drives a blue 67 Ford Fairlane
-At age 15, Billie tried to go to an Operation Ivy concert, but he was refused entry. One of the members of the band heard he wasn't allowed in, so they came out and personally esorted him into the show
-Billie wears Jockey underwear
-The first time Billie Joe kissed Adrienne he went home and wrote 2,000 Light Years Away
-Billie Joe's mother spelled his name wrong on his birth certificate because she was loopy with the massive amounts of painkillers in her body to ease childbirth
-Billie Joe's birthday is on the same day as National Cabbage Day
-He sometimes wears nailpolish
-For the video for Jaded, because the lyrics are about being stoned and how you feel when you're stoned. Billie decided to get high while shooting the video just to get the feel for the song
-It's an old tradition of Billie's that at every one of his concerts he kisses a guy (although now a days it's not happening as often)
-Billie Joe hates Slipknot. He said that the masks "Are so fucking retarded", and one time, a fan threw some screwed up mask on the stage, and when Billie Joe picked it up he looked in disgust and said, "Were not fucking Slipknot, you asshole!"
-Billie Joe doesn't like Eminem
-Billie played football for John Swett High School in Crockett, CA (he was #8)
-He has a guitar made with with different parts called Frankenstein
-Billie Joe likes to take books on tour (his favourite is Catcher In The Rye by J.D.Salinger)
-Billie Joe when talking about future plans said he would become a soccer team coach
-In early 2001 Billie was mugged at gunpoint and is now terrified of guns
-He said that if he could be any female celebrity, he would be Chrissie Hynde
-Billie Joe got body lice while on tour in Germany in Green Day's early days
-Tre Cool is the godfather of Billie's two kids
-Billie Joe and Adrienne split for awhile during the Dookie period. She got engaged to some other guy in Minneapolis and he was seeing some girl (the song "she" is about her). Thank God they got back together!-Billie Joe chipped his tooth three days before the making of 'good riddance' throwing t.v.'s out a hotel window
-He is an unlockable character in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. You must beat Classic Mode at normal difficulty to unlock him
-He hates people chewing and Adrienne dislikes feet
-BJ wrote "BOBD" in Jakob's room