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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Random Facts (about billie joe armstrong)

Random Facts

-Billie Joe went to Hillcrest Elementry school in Pinole, California
(Rodeo is such a small city they don't have their own school system)
-He never graduated from High School
-He has a cat named Basil
-Billie has never smashed a guitar on stage
-In 3rd grade, these two girls used forced Billie to go out with one of them or they would beat him up
-Billie uses Jermac Styling Spritz to get his hair good and crunchy
-If Billie Joe could play any movie role in history, it would be Austin Powers
-He is, contrary to popular belief, not a vegetarian. He was one in the early ninties, but since he lost a lot of weight and felt weird, he went gave up on it
-He takes a shot of vodka before every gig
-To raise spending money for tours, BJ flipped pizzas
-John never told Billie that he was leaving the band, instead he heard it from a friend. In return, Billie never told John directly that he was being replaced
-The album Insomniac is called with that name because Billie Joe didn't sleep at night. Joey cried all night, so Billie would write a lot of songs
-One reason there was such a long break between Nimrod and Warning was because Billie Joe was at a rocky point in his marriage and needed to spend time at home
-Billie Joe used to have a nose ring, but he took it out because it kept getting caught on his guitar and shirt.
-He sometimes suffers from panick attacks and aniexty
-Billie's cat Zero, died in the washing machine
-Billie Joe's nickname in high school was "Two Dollar Bill" because he sold joints for two dollars
-Billie drives a blue 67 Ford Fairlane
-At age 15, Billie tried to go to an Operation Ivy concert, but he was refused entry. One of the members of the band heard he wasn't allowed in, so they came out and personally esorted him into the show
-Billie wears Jockey underwear
-The first time Billie Joe kissed Adrienne he went home and wrote 2,000 Light Years Away
-Billie Joe's mother spelled his name wrong on his birth certificate because she was loopy with the massive amounts of painkillers in her body to ease childbirth
-Billie Joe's birthday is on the same day as National Cabbage Day
-He sometimes wears nailpolish
-For the video for Jaded, because the lyrics are about being stoned and how you feel when you're stoned. Billie decided to get high while shooting the video just to get the feel for the song
-It's an old tradition of Billie's that at every one of his concerts he kisses a guy (although now a days it's not happening as often)
-Billie Joe hates Slipknot. He said that the masks "Are so fucking retarded", and one time, a fan threw some screwed up mask on the stage, and when Billie Joe picked it up he looked in disgust and said, "Were not fucking Slipknot, you asshole!"
-Billie Joe doesn't like Eminem
-Billie played football for John Swett High School in Crockett, CA (he was #8)
-He has a guitar made with with different parts called Frankenstein
-Billie Joe likes to take books on tour (his favourite is Catcher In The Rye by J.D.Salinger)
-Billie Joe when talking about future plans said he would become a soccer team coach
-In early 2001 Billie was mugged at gunpoint and is now terrified of guns
-He said that if he could be any female celebrity, he would be Chrissie Hynde
-Billie Joe got body lice while on tour in Germany in Green Day's early days
-Tre Cool is the godfather of Billie's two kids
-Billie Joe and Adrienne split for awhile during the Dookie period. She got engaged to some other guy in Minneapolis and he was seeing some girl (the song "she" is about her). Thank God they got back together!-Billie Joe chipped his tooth three days before the making of 'good riddance' throwing t.v.'s out a hotel window
-He is an unlockable character in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. You must beat Classic Mode at normal difficulty to unlock him
-He hates people chewing and Adrienne dislikes feet
-BJ wrote "BOBD" in Jakob's room

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